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  • 印刷されたインフォグラフィック
  • モーションインフォグラフィック
  • インタラクティブなインフォグラフィック

The Economist Big Mac Index

The BigMac IndexA proposal for the famous Big Mac Index with a new visual. Data is made in HTML5 and compatible with all the latest browsers and portable devices.

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Japan Mid-Market Sentiment Index

Mid-Market SentimentComissioned by the Intelligence Unit, this more traditional infographic is planned to sort out the many configurations of the data in a single frame. Data is made with Flash for on-the-fly adjustments.

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Planning Infographics

Bringing Your Message Alive


The Cost of Living in Mars

MarsTake a look at how much it would actually cost to set up home there. Static infographic done in cooperation with Popular Science Magazine.

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