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The Yellow Cab of the UniverseRides the Solar System


Want to see our Solar System up close, not just read about it? Climb aboard this vintage Checker taxi for a guided tour of all the “hot” attractions: the Sun, the planets, the dwarf planets, the moons, and zillions of asteroids, meteors, comets and more.

Where does it go?  The Yellow Cab will fly you to the International Space Station for a personal video tour by one of the astronauts, then on to the Moon, where you will relive one of the most exciting moments in human history. Before you know it, you’ll be cruising over the surface of Mars, even landing to have a look around. Using the built-in gyroscope in iPad, you can see the Martian landscape exactly the way Opportunity rover did. Then zoom off to Jupiter and sail through the rings of Saturn on your way to the farthest reaches of the Solar System. And it will all look more colorful and more real than you can imagine.


What makes it so cool?  The Yellow Cab iBooks textbook combines audio, video, interactive images, 3D graphics and much more to usher in a whole new generation of digital books.

Who should take a ride?  Everyone! Students and teachers, of course, but also anyone who has ever looked up at the nighttime sky in wonder and awe. The Yellow Cab is much more than a book; it’s a totally engaging interactive experience, and it’s designed so that anyone at any age can enjoy it.

Don’t wait! The next tour is getting ready to depart … [No tipping, please.]


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Mr. Albert’s Brain

If physics doesn’t completely blow your mind, you must not be looking at it correctly. The Yellow Cab can take you where no Physics book has gone before—into the mind of a brilliant (though slightly eccentric) scientist who can show you how this world we live in really works!

Mr. Albert will take us on a journey through Motion, Force, Gravity, Heat, Light, Electricity, Magnetism and lots more. He may even bring along some relatives (he keeps insisting that “everything is relative”).

In the near future, the Yellow Cab will visit other fields of knowledge where tourism seems to have declined, and show readers just how interesting they can be. Plan to get comfortable in the back seat as new journeys unfold. Our expert driver guarantees: “You will be surprised; you will learn a lot; you won’t be bored.”

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